The fully customizable, headless CMS

Open source editor. Hosted data store.

Content Studio

Model your data accurately and see it reflect in a pleasing interface that editors will love. Build UI components for custom data types in React.js. Get real-time collaboration right out of the box.

Powerful Data Store & API

The Content Studio and your front-ends talk to our hosted document store through a rich query language. Documents are revisioned and you can listen for changes.

Steps to Sanity


> sanity init|

Set-up a local content studio backed by our hosted data store in 2 minutes. Define the data model in JavaScript. Customize with React.js.


One-line deploy your studio and hand it over to editors. Lean back as they enjoy real-time editing and hassle free interfaces.


Use the powerful query language and client libraries to connect front-ends, mobile apps and other services.

Content Studio

A decoupled, fully customizable, collaborative editor

Open source icon

Open source

Built in Javascript and React.js.
Full source code, permissive license.

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Edit structured, highly connected documents collaboratively

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Lightweight & pluggable

Extend with your own data types, custom user interfaces and third-party integrations.

No html

Block editor

Rich text editor yields structured data. Embed editable data in running text. Defer markup to render time. No HTML, ever!

Real-time database

Patch based, powerful query language

              curl -d '{
                "create": {
                  "_id": "acme:123",
                  "description": "Buzz Lightyear"
                }' http://localhost:56200/m/acme
  • Nested queries, relations, joins!
  • Simple, yet astoundingly powerful, syntax for sub-selections.
  • Streaming, real-time queries

Bring your own front-end

It's up to you where and how you use your data. Whether you want to build static websites, single-page applications or native apps, we’ve got libraries to quickly get you up and running.

Demo projects


Client libraries