$ npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init

CMS Construction Kit

Rich data model.
Real-time collaboration.

Aspects of Sanity

Content studio

No locking, no clobbering! The Sanity Content Studio has real-time collaborative editing.

Document database

Rich data modeling lets you separate data from presentation. Go on, repurpose content in new applications.

Bring your own front-end

Present your content with the frameworks you like, wherever it’s needed: apps, static sites, isomorphic web apps, in-store digital signage or carved by robots onto clay tablets.

Demo projects


Client libraries


Flexible, rapid development

rapid icon


Sketch out complex data models

rapid icon


Instantly get editable forms from data structure

rapid icon


Easily override or compose with plug-ins

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Move straight from prototype to production

Secure and reliable

Hosted icon


We host your database and media assets, keeping them accessible and secure.

Google Cloud Platform icon

Google Cloud Platform

Hosted Sanity runs on a fully-monitored, distributed, auto-scaling cluster in Google’s Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform icon

Global CDN

Super fast global content delivery networks and excellent availability.

The Content Studio

A decoupled, fully customisable, collaborative editor

Open source icon

We <3 open source

Full editor source code. Build with Javascript and React.js.

Block editor symbol


Edit structured, highly connected documents collaboratively

Lightweight icon

Lightweight & pluggable

Extend with new data types and widgets

No html


No HTML strings! Ever! Block editor intersperses widgets with text. Defer markup to render time.

Real-time database

Patch based, powerful query language

              curl -d '{
                "create": {
                  "_id": "acme:123",
                  "description": "Buzz Lightyear"
                }' http://localhost:56200/m/acme
  • Nested queries, relations, joins!
  • Simple, yet astoundingly powerful, syntax for sub-selections.
  • Streaming, realtime queries

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